How to Create a Brand Identity Without Going Broke

A free brand identity guide for small business. In this book, you’ll find everything you need to build a strong corporate identity, including helpful tips, inspiring examples, and handy services!

Brand identity book

Book for small business

How to Create a Brand Identity Without Going Broke, a free book for small business by Logaster. 57 pages of useful information! Download a PDF file for free!

What is a brand identity?

Part I.
What is a brand identity and why do you need one?

Insights on why you can't do without a brand identity. What role does a brand identity play in a business?

Branding Tips

Part II.
Tips for creating a powerful brand identity

Practical tips and attractive examples. How to create a brand identity: Methods and prices.

How create a branding items

Part III.
Step-by-step guide to creating corporate designs

Detailed guide to creating a logo and other corporate designs. Inspiring brand kits.

6 reasons why you should read this book

You'll get answers to all the burning questions

competitors attraction icon

What are the strong sides of your competitors?

how much corporate identity costs icon

How much does a brand identity cost?

brand identity creation ways icon

Methods for creating a brand identity

branding elements icon

Brand identity elements that matter most to a young business

how to be different than competitors icon

How do you stand out among your competition?

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How to create a brand identity without going broke

How does this book stand out among other similar books?

Find out why thousands of businessmen found this book useful

Available to everyone

Our book is downloadable absolutely for FREE! Submit your email address to get all three parts in PDF!

Useful tutorial

More than 50 pages with tips and examples for creating a unique brand identity. Plus, a nice bonus from Logaster at the end of the book!

For entrepreneurs

Forget about the intricacies of design! Our book is written in simple words so that any entrepreneur can get a clear understanding of what a brand identity is.

Brand kits

We’ve hand-picked a few amazing brand kits that will inspire you to create a beautiful artwork of your own.

Book reviews

What our readers are saying

feedback 1

Stanislav Chernyakov

I read your brand identity book in one go. Tons of useful information. Thanks a lot!

feedback 2

Roman Gotsyak

A great book. Insightful and simply written. I also like the logo I created using your online service.

feedback 3

Sergei Bendas

Just wow! I'm reading the book now and liking it very much. And thanks for the bonus. Wasn't expecting that one!

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