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Symbolic meaning

Fish is a symbol of life, abundance and wealth. It embodies the power of water as the main source of life and its keeper. Often the fish image can be seen on fish logos.

Kami Sushi Logo
Norven Logo
Caviar Italy Logo
Kabuki Sushi Logo

World Fishing Logo

What companies use?

Fish and everything related to the water element are used to create emblems of companies whose activities are related to fishing, in particular, with its processing and sale. For example, the company for the production of sushi: Kabuki Sushi and Kami. Companies producing fish products, growing caviar: Caviar, Norven, Marine stewardship council.

Cool Catch Logo
Dreckly Fish Logo
Fish Trade Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Of great importance is the color and shape of the logo, as well as additional symbols that are used by designers when creating it. The right combination of all elements will help create an ideal logo. Fish is inextricably linked with the water element, so it is recommended to use blue, white and green. Much depends on the perception of the creator of the company's corporate identity. Today you can find emblems with bright, funny and abstract images of fish. Some logos with original looks depict the skeleton of fish.

Fish Bone Logo
Fish Massage Logo
Fish School Logo
Marine Stewardship Council Logo

Fishing Tournament Logo

Major tips for fishing theme?

A good option for fish logos is the fishing theme. Fishing is a family activity, the subtleties of which are passed on from generation to generation. It is also an exciting sport, so the owners of the store with products for fishing and hunting or hunting club should pay attention to the emblem, which will help to declare themselves, to win attention and stand out among others. Concentrating on fishing, you can use the image of a fisherman with a fishing rod, boat or pond.

Fishing Tofino Logo
Lamiglas Fishing Logo
Southern Fresh Water Logo

How do I create a fish logo for my brand?

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Logos created by Logaster

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The Hunter Logaster Logo
Fishing Shop Logaster logo
Fish Kitchen Logaster logo
Fresh Fish Logaster logo
Golden Fish Logaster logo
Mr Fish Logaster logo
Salmon Logaster logo
The Holly Fish Logaster logo
Yami Sushi Logaster logo
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