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Symbolic meaning

Our ancestors associated a cat with the Moon. Why? Because the animal’s expanding and contracting pupils resemble the celestial body that changes its shape throughout a month. In any cultures, it was a sacred animal. People worshipped it asking for fertility.

the Good Cat Company
Cat Hospital Logo
City Cat Brewing Logo
Fat Cat Logo

Happy Cat Farm Logo

What industries use?

Every cat has a unique personality and looks. Which image will you choose? A fat old cat or a young and playful kitten? Clothing brands, jewelry stores, and food manufacturers all use different cat images to convey a wide range of qualities, from friendliness and carelessness to speed and style. While a fluffy kitten is a great choice for a small family hotel, an elegant adult cat belongs to a fitness studio logo. Naturally, it is the best icon for animal-related businesses, such as vet clinics and breeding grounds.

Gim Cat Logo
Round Cat Logo
Red Cat Coffee House

How to choose the right elements?

Slender and soft, it favors geometry with rounded angles and curved lines. Avoid straight lines and sharp edges unless you want to upset your furry mascot. Whether to draw an entire kitty or just its head, is a matter of preference. A cat’s mood changes like the weather. Find a way to reflect this quality through your color palette. Play around with gradients and visual effects. What about shades? For a night club, use black to make your cat look like a wild and beautiful panther. If you’re selling apparel or children’s toys, go for a more relaxed color palette. Paint your mascot purpl

Arctic Cat Logo
the Swinging Cat Logo
thief-cat Logo
Rad Cat Logo


What companies use?

Cat emblems are used by big brands such as Winfort, Edem’s egg, Shadowcat studio, and Whiskas.

Nauti Cat Logo
Kot Begemot Logo
Cool Cat Apps Logo

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