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Symbolic meaning

The falcon is primarily associated with victory, a strong spirit, superiority, freedom, and light. It was previously considered a symbol of hunting. Surprisingly, despite being a predator, the falcon is not associated with aggression. In fact, it is considered the personification of courage, strength, and kindness. The falcon logo is chosen by brands that want to emphasize their firm position, determination, and willingness to adequately solve problems. These are manufacturing companies, security companies, and transport organizations. In addition, the falcon can often be found on the logos of sports teams.

Air Force Falcons Logo
Falcon Crest Logo
Falcon Fulfillment Logo
Falcon Hotel Logo

Falcon Consulting Logo

Who uses it?

The Falcon consulting company logo depicts an abstract symbol resembling a flying predator. A bird with a distinctive branded coloring of one wing is drawn on the Falcon Oilfield Services logo. A flying predator is on the Falcon Aviation Services emblem. A calmly sitting bird with a wise look is painted on the logo of Falcon and Associates. A sleek silhouette in corporate colors is a visual solution for the Falcon Pack brand.

Falcon Oilfield Services Logo
Falcon Aviation Services Logo
Falcon Pack Logo

Which elements to choose?

If you analyze falcon logos, you can find three common options for using the image of a bird. The first is the predator’s profile, which symbolizes strength and mindfulness. The second is the body of a bird that sits (embodies calm confidence) or flies (indicates determination). The third is the use of various abstract elements based on the recognizable image of a falcon. In such a logo, you can include the wings, the head of the bird, its rapid flight, and other details. You must choose the right option, focusing on the brand philosophy.

Atlanta Falcons Logo
Falcon Imaging Logo
Falcon Logo
Falcon Machine Logo

Falcon and Associates Logo

General recommendations

Many companies use the image of a falcon in their names and logos. It is necessary to introduce unique ideas and find your own version of symbolism to stand out from your competitors. There are no strict requirements for the color scheme in a logo with a falcon. You can use shades that are in harmony with the style of other elements of the brand. When creating or choosing a ready-made logo, it is important to avoid aggressive associations; this symbol embodies reasonable power, and not a destructive one.

Falcon Micro Tech Logo
Falcon Social Logo
Finney Logo

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Falcon Force Logaster logo
Falcon Logaster logo
Falcon Football Logaster logo
Falcon Group Logaster logo
Falcon Law Logaster logo
Falcon Logaster logo
Falcon Pixel Logaster logo
Falcon Security Logaster logo
Sokol Connect Logaster logo
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