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What industries use?

The most common images associated with love are a mother holding a baby, a pair of white doves or swans, Cupid, heart, and a few others. If your goal is to inspire people, give them hope, and encourage them to make the world a better place, you should consider using love-related symbols in your brand identity. Dating sites, matchmaking agencies, social services, and humanitarian organizations often choose love as the main theme for their logos.

Touch Of Love Logo
Looks Of Love Logo
Love Logo
Love Mirchi Logo

Love Links Logo

How to choose the right elements?

The first thing to understand about a love-themed emblem is that your selected icon sets the mood of your logo. If you’ve opted for doves, don’t make the mistake of putting them into a geometric shape because these birds like to fly free. When employing a heart icon, focus on choosing the right color. Keep in mind that differently painted hearts translate different meanings. If you have a soft spot for flowers, you can depict an entire flower with a stalk or just a bud. When drawing a mother and a child, use soft, smooth lines to communicate tenderness and care.

Love Salons Logo
Sirius Xm Love Logo
Somebody To Love Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Like with any other logo, you can’t ignore the psychology of colors. Let’s take red as an example. Standing for passion and impetuosity, red should be avoided in logos created for social projects. At the same time, red will work well for a number of other industries. Explore the color spectrum and take the advantage of the variety of red hues! Pink is another must-have color on a love-themed emblem.

Baking Love Logo
Unicorns Of Love Logo
With Love Logo
With Love Logo

I Love NY Logo

What companies use?

Drawing some inspiration from successful brands can never hurt. For example, I Love NY and British Heart Foundation have played it safe by using the classic image of a heart. The UNICEF logo includes the images of a mother holding a child, two olive branches, and a globe. Doves are frequently used by religious organizations to promote the Christian values.

British Heart Foundation Logo
Unicef Logo
Love Is Logo

How do I create a love logo for my brand?

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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