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Symbolic meaning

In general, potatoes are a symbol of prosperity, warmth, and the hearth. In a modern interpretation, this product symbolizes primarily fast food. The most popular dishes made from this vegetable are french fries and chips. The first option is an almost mandatory menu item at various snack bars, burger bars, pizzerias, and other popular establishments. A logo with potatoes is appropriate for branding cafes, cafeterias, and restaurants. It is also suitable for agricultural companies, vegetable suppliers, and other organizations whose field of activity includes this vegetable.

Potato Tornado Logo
Lays Logo
Baked Potatoes Logo
Mister Potato Logo

Pringles Logo

Who uses it?

Pringles developed the character of the cook Julius Pringles, whose head resembles the perfect potato and, at the same time, the very distinctive form of the brand's chips. The character of a dancing potato is depicted on the Potato Corner logo. A corporate symbol in the form of this vegetable was created for the media brand Potato Inc.: Two eyes were drawn on a simple monochrome silhouette. A simple drawing of the vegetable with the company name in the center was chosen as the logo for the Potato Plastic manufacturer.

Potato Corner Logo
Potato Logo
Potato Plastic Logo

Which elements to choose?

A logo with potatoes can be detailed (with an exact or close image of the root crop). However, an abstract form is also allowed: It is enough to depict a recognizable contour and “eyes.” Many brands turn potatoes into a character; this is a good trick if it is consistent with the company's promotion strategy. Also, potatoes are portrayed as a finished dish; such items are used by various catering establishments. Another option is to use the symbol in the text logo: For example, stylize the letter “o” in the word “potato”.

Potato Hotel Logo
Mr Potato Logo
Potato Break Logo
Potato Homestyle Chips Logo

The Messy Potato Logo

Which colors to choose?

The color palette for logos with potatoes is based on brown, yellow, and orange shades, depending on the form in which you need to portray the root crop (fresh or cooked). This is a reasonable decision, as the colors evoke direct associations in the audience. Exceptions are possible if the logo is a character and if the brand name contains the word “potato.” They complement the symbol and explain its meaning. In this case, you can stylize the logo using other colors.

Spiral Potato Logo
The Hot Potato Logo
Wimbo Logo

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