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General information

A logo is an integral part of the unique and memorable corporate identity of your company, which can attract the target audience and make your company stand out among competitors. A veterinarian logo may be beneficial for your business.

Bonnyville Veterinary Logo
Apricot Veterinary Logo
AWF Logo
Clinica Veterinaria Venus Logo

Md V Ma Logo

How to choose the right elements?

If you think all the elements through, you will get the pet owners to like your veterinarian clinic or your veterinary medicine store. First of all, the image used for such logos is most often an image of an animal (a dog or a cat), a paw print or a medical emblem. You should remember that the use of Red Cross emblem is limited in many countries, which are parties of the Geneva Conventions. However, this cross may often be seen in other colors, which is allowed by the law. As an alternative, an image of a blue snowflake or a serpent wrapped around a staff may be used.

Aliaga Logo
Honvet Logo
Mahopac Logo

How to choose the right colors?

There are no limitations as to the color scheme. You can use calm and reassuring shades of blue or bright red as the symbol of love and care. In this case you should follow your personal preferences and read about psychological effects of colors.

North West Veterinary Hospital Logo
Noll Veterinary Logo
North Texas Veterinary Hospital Logo
Paws And Claws Logo

Urban Veterinary Logo

How to choose the best name?

The names often include words, denoting body parts of animals (paw, tail, fang), popular pet names (Rex, Goldie), sounds made by pets (“meow”, “woof”) or any associations with medicine (doctor, health, etc.). The text itself is usually written in legible fonts of slab serif group (e.g. Clarendon, Candida bold).

Vetacademy Logo
Veterenary Medicine Logo
Vet Panelt Logo

How do I create a veterinarian logo for my brand?

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Doggydoc Logaster Logo
My Pets Logaster Logo
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Spotty Veterinary Logaster Logo
Reptile Logaster Logo
Animal World Logaster Logo
Veterinary House Logaster Logo
Veterinary Logaster Logo
Vet World Logaster Logo
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