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General information

Mechanical logos, as well as mechanisms, are different. For example, take the watch which is the most recognizable gears that fit in the circle. If the company is engaged in the production and repair of watches, such emblem will be very appropriate. For example, the company Fortis integrated the gear under the crown. Many watch companies choose not to integrate the gear into the logo, and create the logo around the skeleton of the clock, achieving the finished look.

Fortis Logo
Mechanical Gardens Logo
Mechanical Technology Logo
Juice Mechanic Logo

Bike Wrench Logo

What industries use?

Mechanical logo is often used in the repair industry associated with cars, and especially with motorcycles. Many companies and private mechanics use wrenches and keys in combination with cars and motorcycles for signboards and brand marks. Interesting examples can be seen in the logos of Bike Wrench and William Cycle CO.

Avtomaster Logo
William Street Cycle Company Logo
Garage Logo

Major tips

For the workshop of retro cars and bikes, you can use vintage fonts and backgrounds as an icon will look great with retro technique, motorcycle brand Indian or good old Mustang are the perfect cases. Vivid examples are Resto Shack, and Broad Street Auto.

Broad Street Auto Logo
Indian Logo
Resto Shack Logo
Mustang Logo

Williams Mechanical Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Colors for this type of business: black, gray, blue, red, but these are not necessary. The main thing when creating a logo is to not overload it with details. The mechanics logo should include simple, recognizable shapes and elements.

Dance Mechanics Logo
Mechanic To You Logo
Mobile Mechanic Logo

How do I create a mechanical logo for my brand?

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Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Repair Mix Logaster Logo
Get Navigator Logaster Logo
Mechanical Eye Logaster Logo
Mechanical Mouse Logaster Logo
Mechanic Logaster Logo
Mechanism Logaster Logo
Roboto Logaster Logo
Machnic Logaster Logo
Technique Logaster Logo
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