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Major tips

When creating a logo for a singer, you are creating a symbol which will accompany the signer throughout their career. So it has to be designed in a logical way and be suitable for use in advertising, on souvenirs, posters etc.

Imagine Dragons Logo
Madonna Logo
Michael Jackson Logo
SIA Logo

Fredie Mercury Logo

How to choose the right elements?

The most popular image for such logos is a microphone, either studio or wireless, antique or modern, depending on the music genre. For example, a large stand microphone is an ideal solution for a jazz singer. Other common images are musical instruments, notes, a singing person or a figure performing any special movement. A good example here would be the commonly recognized pose of Freddie Mercury with his feet wide apart and his hand in the air.

JLo Logo
Elton John Logo
Justin Timberlake Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The color scheme and the fonts are chosen depending on the style of the singer. Rap singers prefer classic black and white scheme, folk singers prefer yellow and red, pop divas usually choose images in golden and pink shades and rock singers prefer gothic fonts and single-color dark images.

The Jazz Singer Logo
Maroon 5 Logo
Britney Spears Logo
Snoop Dogg Logo

Eminem Logo

What companies use?

Good examples of such images are logos of Rammstein, Beyoncé and Eminem.

Rammstein Logo
Beyonce Logo
Daft Punk Logo

How do I create a singer logo for my brand?

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Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Diva Logaster Logo
Benny Dee Logaster Logo
Amore Mio Logaster Logo
Piccolo Amore Logaster Logo
Guitar School Logaster Logo
Quee Sorela Logaster Logo
Singsong Logaster Logo
Vocal School Logaster Logo
Music In My Head Logaster Logo
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