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The modern world offers a plethora of opportunities to open up your potential, enhance your professional skills, and become an expert in your field. If you’ve already decided on the profession you want to pursue, the next logical step is to create a smart logo that will tell your potential customers about your passion. Whether you’re an office employee, freelancer or entrepreneur, an effective emblem can distinguish you among competitors and demonstrate the “human” face of your business.

Repair Service Logo
Digital Boss Logo
Barber Pole Logo
Bike Wrench Logo

Volunteer Firefighters Logo

How to choose the right elements?

When it comes to logo design, every detail matters. Color scheme, typography, textures, images, geometry, and other elements can speak to your target audience on a subconscious level. Your design must tell your potential clients that you are a specialist whose expertise they can trust. Sticking to minimalism can never do wrong. Use no more than three matching shades and two fonts. As for an icon, it must be informative. Make sure your potential customers can tell what business you’re involved in by only looking at your image. Before designing your emblem, take enough time to analyze successful emblems. Take the best ideas and transform them into unique design solutions of your own.

Canadian Firefighter Logo
ДСНС України Logo
Fire Dept Logo

What companies use?

The world of logo design is full of hidden meanings and curious tricks. Have you ever noticed a needle and a thread on the red Pinterest emblem? Can you find an arrow on the FedEx logo? These corporate design show that crafting a multi-layered design takes a lot of creativity and imagination.

FedEx Logo
Oribe Hair Logo
Pinterest Logo
The Mens Club Logo

How do I create an occupation logo for my brand?

Click “Create” and watch Logaster work magic! In a couple of minutes, Logaster will generate hundreds of custom logos for your industry. Select your favorite design, edit it as you like, and download it in the right format.

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Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Hair Jain Logaster Logo
Alex Jameson Logaster Logo
Man Hairdresser Logaster Logo
Mechanical Eye Logaster Logo
Mechanic Logaster Logo
Mechanism Logaster Logo
Roboto Logaster Logo
Boss Lawyer Logaster Logo
Еechnique Logaster Logo
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