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Funny and sometimes downright bizarre, cartoon characters are loved by both kids and adults. This makes choosing the right icon for your logo lots of fun! At the same time, you must make sure your selected character goes in line with your business.

Disney Cars Logo
Panda Logo
Tom And Jerry Cartoon Logo
Clown Teez Logo

Pringles Logo

What industries use?

Placing a popular cartoon character on a product is a surefire way to attract the attention of kids. This behavioral pattern is frequently exploited by manufacturers of popcorn, potato chips, and other delicious snacks loved by everyone, children especially. It turns out that cartoons are a powerful marketing tool that can skyrocket your sales!

Angry Birds Logo
Looney  Logo
Shrek Logo

What companies use?

Think about the charismatic man with a black bushy mustache on the Pringles logo. Although he has nothing to do with cartoons, this mascot has become an international star and is recognized by all potato chip lovers! Let’s go back to cartoons, though. The noisy Angry Birds and the awkward Minions appear on all kinds of products, from bags to milk bottles. Needless to say that the animals from Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda have already become a classic! Your brand name or funny slogan is the best element to pair your mascot with. Use saturated colors for the typeface and background. Green, yellow, light blue, and orange are good at conveying festive vibes and setting the right mood!

Adventure Time Run Logo
Chicken Little Logo
Trolls Logo
Lilo Stitch Logo

How do I create a cartoon logo for my brand?

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