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General information

In order to emphasize the specifics, electronics manufacturers and branded stores, use the silhouettes of goods, which are characterized by the greatest demand for the logo. For example, the Logitech contains a stylized mouse, as it manufactures accessories for computer equipment. But the specialized German Media Market went the other way, placing a red circle of radial curves on its logo, which reveals a large assortment (circle) and says that there is an electric technique (curve and color).

Logitech Logo
Media Markt Logo
Samsung Logo
Ios Apple Logo

Intel Logo

How to choose the right elements?

As for the technology logo forms, ovals (closed and open) are most often used, the shop for the sale of kitchen equipment emphasizes the specialization with a square with an inscribed circle (refrigerator and washing machine).

Lenovo Logo
Popular Electronics Logo
Philips Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The brand that sells household appliances can be represented by curves of three colors: blue, green and red. In addition, they can shade white and sharp black.

Studio Electronics Logo
E City Logo
Euronics Logo
House Of Electronics Logo

Pioneer Logo

What companies use?

Gaming system company Nintendo Switch has a switch in the emblem, often used in gadgets. MS HD Power uses a socket with a connector in the form of M and S in the brand.

Comfy Logo
Electronics Shop Logo
Amazed Electronics Logo

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Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Cyber Store Logaster Logo
Electronik World Logaster Logo
Lxa Tech Logaster Logo
On Point Market Logaster Logo
Simplex Market Logaster Logo
Nictronic Logaster Logo
Tech Details Logaster Logo
Sonix Logaster Logo
Venumo Logaster Logo
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