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A huge part of the modern culture, pop music embraces a myriad of music genres. Its distinctive features are catchy melodies and simple lyrics. Most pop music songs follow a standard structure, with two or three verses and a repeating chorus. Given the variety of styles, it’s hard to single out common connotations behind pop music. Still, when brainstorming ideas for your pop music logo, think about all things beautiful and optimistic.

Pop Culture Memphis Logo
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K-Pop Logo

What brands use a pop music logo

Pop music emblems are widely used by record labels, artist promotion agencies, music and TV shows, clothing stores, streaming services, radio stations, and many other businesses. Did you know that many popular genres and artists have their own unofficial logos? For example, K-Pop has a heart as its visual sign. Projects dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson are branded with the iconic silhouette of the signer.

Mom Pop Logo
Noise Pop Logo
Pop Culture Hall of Fame Logo

What images to choose

When creating a pop music logo, you can experiment all you want. Here are some tips to guide your creative thought into the right direction. To design a classic emblem, use icons related to singing or music in general. Some of the common options include a microphone, musical instruments, speakers, headphones, vinyl records, discs, and musical notes. When creating a geometry-based logo, aim for a concise, adaptive, and easy-to-read design. If you feel like your audience will respond to a bold psychedelic logo, go for unusual color combinations, flowing lines, 3D shapes, and visual illusions. It might be a great idea to channel the legendary music festivals of the 70s in your branding.

Pop Music Logo
Pop Music Activism Logo
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Pop Music Movie Logo

What colors to choose

The main task of any logo is to attract attention and tell the audience about your business and its philosophy. When choosing the best color palette for your pop music logo, think about the mood you want to transcend. Feel free to combine bright shades with dark ones, rely on gradients and sharp transitions, use a wide gamut of hues or stick to one color that most accurately reflects the essence of your business. For more specific tips, refer to the guidelines for combining different shades on the color wheel. Combine shades which are located opposite or next to each other on the color wheel. Stick to the 60- 30-10 rule, according to which the main, secondary, and accent colors must take up 60%, 30% and 10% of your logo, respectively.

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