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General information

Country is traditional American music that grew into an individual music genre in the early 20th century. Nowadays, it’s an influential and fast-growing cultural scene that includes a variety of genres, from love ballads to rockabilly. Country music mostly relies in string instruments (such as guitar and violin), acoustics, and traditional rhythms. Country logos are used by sound recording companies, radio stations, producers of musical instruments, and other businesses. Also, the country theme is popular among manufacturers of organic products, eco furniture, and the like.

Keepin Country Logo
Carolina Country Music Logo
Country Fantasy Camp Logo
Country Music Fest Texas Logo

Barefoot Country Music Fest Logo

What brands use a country logo

The logo of Mo Country (USA) resembles an old carved signage, with the club name written in a beautiful country font with serifs. A similar typography is used by the Country Style restaurant. On their logo, you can see boots and hats that look like they were drawn with a pencil. One of the earlier versions of the Country Music Marathon logo featured a guitar as its central element. The emblem for Country Music Museum displays a traditional microphone inside a frame that looks like a guitar mediator. The emblem for Barefoot Country Music Fest resembles a catchy neon signage on the concert hall facade. As for Toyota Country Music Festival, they opted for a guitar to represent their event.

Mo Country Logo
Country Style Logo
Country Music Marathon Logo

What images to use

Traditional country-related images include a guitar, banjo, violin, cowboy hat and boots, mountain scenery, etc. These and other images are often combined with text logos which only include the name (abbreviation) of a brand or event. If you browse through modern country emblems, you’ll see that most of them are logotypes (text logos) that imitate Wild West saloon signages. Also, many businesses use the image of a guitar or its part (e.g., head). For a more concise design, use your imagination to come up with smart visual tricks. For example, you can place a cowboy hat on one of the letters in your brand name.

Set Symbols Country Music Logo
Country Music Logo
Country Music Museum Logo
Country Thunder Logo

Taste of Country Logo

What colors to choose

Country emblems mostly use reserved, neutral shades. The main color palette includes black, white, blue, and brown. These hues serve to create the sepia effect (like on a worn-out photograph) and imitate old wooden textures. The combination of red and black is good at imitating the classic cowboy shirt pattern. Also, designers tend to use shades of bordeaux, orange, golden, and red. Black and white country logos often resemble worn-out and faded images. This is a great way to highlight loyalty to tradition and rich history of music. At the same time, many companies choose vibrant colors over black and white schemes.

Stay Country Logo
Toyota Country Music Festival Logo
Country Pub Logo

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