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General information

Transport logistic is a system for organizing optimal routes for the transportation of passengers, goods or parts. In connection with the increasing demand for quality logistic services, new players appear on the services market. Cargo and passenger vehicles require increased visibility, and the logo is the first distinctive feature that defines the brand.

Fedex Global Logistics Logo
Alfa Logo
BNI Smart Logistics Logo
Espa Cargo Logo

Savan Logistics Logo

Major tips

The basic principles of logistics - "right on time" and "with the minimum expenses" are transferred by means of special icons connected with transportation. A well-designed logo works for the prospect of its development and success, therefore, it is necessary to ensure the sign is universal and would be suitable both for transportation and for cargo insurance. Such a company could use an image of the cargo vehicle as a logo, with sharp lines symbolizing the speed, laconicism and order.

Logistics And Fintech Logo
Logistics Plus Logo
Spurn Logistics Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Color scale of red, yellow and blue shades, in combination with sharp black lines, reflects speed and reliability of the carrier company.

Sunland Logistics Logo
TNT Logo
Trans Logistik Logo
Vector Global Logistics Logo

UA Trans Logo

What companies use?

Mediatrans shipping company displayed a truck on the emblem to emphasize that it offers transportation services, while Air Asia Cargo created a minimalistic logo using only red color and fonts. UA Trans company chose the globe as an icon reflecting global transportation.

Air Asia Logo
Bollore Logistics Logo
Abstract Logistics Logo

How do I create a logistic logo for my brand?

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Power Truck Logaster Logo
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