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Symbolic meaning

Traditionally, orcs stand for cruelty, foolishness, and rage. These creatures are associated with barbarism, lack of discipline, and primitive thinking. Although a little controversial, the image of an orc can be like a gulp of fresh air for your branding. Orc logos are widely used by video game developers, IT companies, and brands that want to emphasize their power and authority.

Orks Viking Logo
Dfir Orc Logo
Lucky Ork Logo
New Ork City Logo

Orc Chop Games Logo

What brands use an orc logo

ORC Services is a company that deals with building restoration. In its logo, you can see a hardworking builder orc. The OrcChop Games brand uses the powerful image of a strong orc showing off his muscles. The Orc King, a major 3D developer, created a minimalist emblem with an orc skull wearing a crown. Another game developer, ORC WORK, uses a horned helmet which is often worn by orcs. In addition to a scary orc, the role-playing board game Orc & Roll put dice into its logo.

Orc Services Logo
Orc King Logo
Orc Roll Logo

What images to choose

Orc is a large, strong creature with massive muscles and gross features. His nose - if any - is large, his jaw is square, and his ugly teeth stick out from his mouth. Orc’s body has a green or olive color. Orc has a pseudo-Viking armor, including a helmet with horns and massive shield with totem images. When working on your orc logo, be sure to use these recognizable items.

Orc Style Logo
Orc Geek Logo
Orc Work Logo
Ork Pub Logo

Orc Esport Mascot Logo

What colors to choose

Computer game developers set a trend for orcs with green olive skin. This idea was borrowed by many graphic designers. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that other colors are a taboo. Feelfree to use dark-colored palette, as well as a combination of black and white. As for merry, vibrant shades, we recommend avoiding them unless it’s your intention to create a charming and kind image.

Orks Warrior Logo
Orks Wars Logo
Smart Orc Logo

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Logos created by Logaster

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Punk Orc Logaster Logo
Mordor Logaster logo
Orc Eye Logaster logo
Orcland Logaster logo
O R C Logaster logo
Orc Logaster logo
Orc Store Logaster logo
Orcs Zone Logaster logo
Thrall Power Logaster logo
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