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Symbolic meaning

Unless you’re a professional designer, choosing an icon for a religion-related emblem can be a challenge. In their logos, religious organizations tend to choose the symbols of faith, such as a cross, half-moon, ankh, nine-pointed star, Star of David, etc. Metaphorical imagery is also a way to go. For example, a white dove is a symbol of peace and inspiration. Water symbolizes purity and freedom. Open palms make us think about trust and sincerity. Fire reminds us that our faith is strong and solid. These are just few examples of how you can convey spiritual connotations through familiar objects. As for the mysticism theme, the choice of images is even bigger. Ancient maps, magicians, books, amulets, skulls, runes, celestial bodies…Take the time to read about each of these symbols and find the one that will reflect the essence of your organization.

Cross Walk Logo
Anthem Blue Cross Logo
Community Logo
Crossing Sides Logo

Christian Church Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Churches and religion-related projects tend to paint their emblems blue and white. These shades have an uplifting effect and give people hope for a better future. At the same time, warm shades, such as red and yellow, are good at conveying so-much-needed feelings of comfort and joy. Mental healers, fortune tellers, and witches know the magic power of the violet color and use its connotations to create a mystical aura around their activities. If you’re looking for a hue to match violet, you can’t do better than black. Associated with all things dangerous and enigmatic, black is an ideal choice for mystics. Be sure to experiment with this color in your selected logo maker!

Holy Cross Logo
SV Angel Logo
Kings Chapel Psychology Logo

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