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General information

A stable interest in boxing has contributed to the development of this sports industry, as new training halls, clubs, federations, and equipment manufacturers appear. Therefore, commercial companies must stand out in their niche. Different branding elements are used to do this—for example, logos with traditional boxing symbols. When developing a sports logo, it is important to convey the essence, direction, and principles of a company or organization by visual means.

Ukraine Otamans Logo
Uzbek Tigers Logo
Team Hilton Logo
I Love Boxing Logo

WBC Logo

Who uses it?

The Russian Boxer™ equipment manufacturer has a text logo. The font is stylized under the traditional headset options used in the sports logo. The symbol of the World Boxing Council (WBC) depicts the figure of a jubilant athlete surrounded by a ribbon with the symbols of several countries’ flags. The logo of the Desert Hawks boxing club shows a bird of prey with a determined look. This is an allegory of the mood that professional boxers often have.

Russian Boxer Logo
Desert Hawks Logo
Mexico Guerreros Logo

Which elements to choose?

Any visual details associated with this sport are suitable for a boxing logo: images of gloves, helmets, rings, or boxers’ silhouettes in traditional stances and attacks. You can create a symbol (character) for a sports club or federation. When developing a logo for Thai boxing, you can use a special color for the sport. There are a variety of national symbols or silhouettes of athletes, staying in pose for an attack. Another traditional element that may be on a Thai boxing logo is the headband on the athlete’s head.

Crypto Boxers Logo
Def Boxing Logo
Boxing Logo
Boxing Logo

Boxing World Champion Logo

Which colors to choose?

If the logo is created for a national federation or team, then the colors of the national flag are usually used. If it is a logo for a private organization (club, gym, or manufacturer), it is better to choose neutral colors. The most common options are red, blue, or a combination of black and white. It is better to choose a simple option so that the logo is easily recognizable from afar and on any surfaces (including athletes’ gloves).

Boxing Fitness Logo
Boxing Fingter Logo
Agour Boxing Logo

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