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Construction company names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Tips for building brand naming
  2. Examples of catchy building companies names
  3. How to use a company name in branding

Customers expect reliability and professionalism from a construction company. You can emphasize them via its name. In this article, we will tell you about the techniques that can be used to do it. We also will share examples of well-known companies from around the world and options for using the name to promote the brand.

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Tips for building brand naming

The construction market is competitive. To stand out, you’ll need a USP and eye-catching naming. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Specify specialization. Make it clear what exactly you are ready to help with: construction of residential buildings or offices, renovation of buildings, architecture, supply of materials, project management, etc.
  • Use a name. This option is suitable for companies with a family business. The name personalizes the brand, inspires trust, and if it is widely known, demonstrates authority.
  • Take care of uniqueness. Conduct an analysis of your niche and study what words and techniques in the names are most often used by competitors. Avoid templates and the most frequent words, for example, “construction”, “building”, “engineering”, etc. Also, check the uniqueness of the domain if you are going to create a website.
  • Shorten up. In order not to force clients to pronounce complex words or professional terms, come up with an abbreviation. This method also increases the chances of creating a unique name.
  • Discover business name generators. The principle of operation of services such as the Logaster online name generator is very simple: you enter keywords and choose from dozens of suggested names. Logo and other corporate identity elements that can be immediately created based on the name will help to emphasize the name.

Create a name for a construction company in a few clicks with an online generator!

Examples of catchy building companies’ names

Don’t you know where to start? Let’s look at the titles on the market. We prepared a selection of examples of well-known companies from different industries.

House and cottage construction


See The Future Contracting name reflects the business’s mission to serve customers honestly, transparently, competently, and with quality.

Repair organizations


The name The Drainage Repair Company emphasizes its specialization. So it is immediately clear what problem you can solve here.

Engineering companies


A Danish company with a 75-year history and landmark projects (for example, the expansion of the London gallery Tate Modern), is named after one of the founding engineers – Ramboll.

Construction holdings


Makati Development Corporation refers to the geographic name. Makati is one of the largest financial, economic, and commercial centers in Asia. And the company actively participated in its development.

Electrical  companies


A good example of the use of an abbreviation is the name of the company Electrical Engineering & Equipment, which was shortened to a simple and understandable 3E.

Project management


The British company chose the short and sonorous name Mace, which is reminiscent of strength and confidence. Take this technique and think about the associations you want to evoke with your business.

How to use a company name in branding 

Construction companies have many opportunities to use the name offline. Examples are the workers’ uniforms, construction equipment, vehicles, as well as traditional attributes of corporate identity: business cards, letterheads, and office signs.

The online name can be used on the website, social networks, banner advertising, and email signatures.


To come up with an interesting name for the construction business, carefully analyze the market, avoid templates and try to inspire confidence among potential customers and partners.


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