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General information

American football is an important team game for US culture, and is also quite popular in other countries. It is associated with strength, endurance, determination, and teamwork. This is a classic sport with its own special symbolism. When developing a logo for American football, you must take into account the traditional visual developments used in the logos of famous teams, leagues, and equipment manufacturers. This is especially important if you want to create a recognizable symbol that evokes the right direct associations.

Usa Football National Team Logo
American Football Logo
American Youth Cheer Logo
Beyond Football Logo

National Football League Logo

Who uses it?

First of all, we need to mention the symbols of two key organizations in this sport: the American Football League logo (a bird of prey on a ball and the letter “A”), as well as the National Football League logo (the colors of the US flag, an abbreviation, and a silhouette of a ball). Equipment manufacturer Schutt uses an abstract symbol in combination with a text logo. A special category is the logos of football teams: for example, a dolphin with a sun on the background (Miami Dolphins), a five-pointed star (Dallas Cowboys), the head of a common cardinal (Arizona Cardinals), etc.

American Football League Logo
Schutt Sports Logo
Miami Dolphins Football Logo

Which elements to choose?

The logo for American football may contain the symbols that are traditional for that sport: an oval ball or a helmet. If you need to create a logo for a team, you can develop a character or use a well-recognized symbol. You can get inspiration from the national or regional features (for example, the animal that the team’s location city is associated with). Another option is abstract elements that symbolize determination, courage, and a mood for victory.

Arizona Cardinals Logo
Dallas Cowboys Logo
Football Match Logo
Kirkcaldy Bulls Logo

Cleveland Browns Logo

Which colors to choose?

Many logos for American football are drawn in white, blue, and red. Obviously, the colors of the US national flag inspired the creators of these symbols. Moreover, they emphasize the nationality of this sport. In general, sporting logos should be noticeable, vibrant, and emotional. Therefore, it is worth choosing rich and deep colors. Shades of red are a traditional solution for the logos of sports teams, leagues, and manufacturers, as red symbolizes determination and movement.

Midwest Regional Logo
Monday Night Football Logo
Spartan Football Logo

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