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The great history of billiards has led to the emergence of long-term symbolism and associations. A billiards logo may be needed by a specialized institution (billiard club), a table and equipment manufacturer, or a team participating in competitions. When developing a logo, you can take into account classical symbols or build on the rules of a certain type of game.

Asia Billiard Logo
8 Ball Games Logo
8 Pool Logo
Billard Logo

Top Shots Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the American club Amsterdam Billiards depicts a simple symbol: the figure of billiard balls. The Billiard Club text logo contains a large number of characters that replace letters. The ball is one of the central elements of the TopShots Billiards and Ping Pong combined logo. A schematic illustration of a triangle with balls was chosen for Legacy Billiards branding.

Amsterdam Billiard Logo
Billiard Club Bulgaria Logo
Legacy Billiards Logo

Which elements to choose?

A billiard logo may need traditional details that create a direct association with the game. These include a cue, a ball (often an eight ball), a triangle, a pocket, and a table. To make the logo out of the ordinary, try to use the name of your club; its essence can be combined with the characteristic details of billiards. You can also focus on a text logo by adding one or two thematic elements. Having chosen the necessary color scheme, you can get an excellent result in the end.

Billiards Pool Logo
Billiards Snooker Logo
Billiards Tournament Logo
Brunswick Authentic Logo

Snooker Logo

Which colors to choose?

The color scheme of many billiards logos is based on the classic colors of this game. This is primarily green, which is the color of the billiards table cloth. Direct associations can be created by combinations of white and yellow, red, orange, blue, and black. Even those who do not play billiards will recognize the colors of the balls for “Pool.” When choosing colors on your own, decide which emotions the logo should evoke, as each color has its own influence. What emotions are distinctive for a billiard party? Choose one color, or a maximum of two colors. As experience shows, the most successful logos do not exceed this limit.

Euro Tur Pool Logo
Pool Tables Logo
Snooker Eight Logo

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