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Gyms, sports centers, competitions, fitness clubs, athletic apparel stores…Whether you lead an active lifestyle or not, sports brands are an integral part of our lives. They vie for our attention, trying to present their products and services in the best light possible. While some brands stick in our memory, others go by unnoticed.

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Major tips

In a robust team, all players share the same values and goals. In this regard, logo design is very much like a team sport. In a good emblem, all elements (colors, text, fonts, visual effects, patterns, etc.) create a balanced combination. Such a combination has all chances to build credibility and catch the eye of the target audience.

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Basketball Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Sports-related designs use icons with both direct and metaphorical meanings. The images that convey a direct meaning may include sports accessories (ball, bat, etc.), athletes, and iconic sports buildings. For example, Arnold Sports Festival uses the silhouettes of athletes to communicate the empowering inspiration behind sports. At the same time, some sports organizations use the metaphors in the form of wild animals (sharks, lions, tigers, bears, buffalos, leopards, etc.) to convey such qualities as stamina, strength, reliability, and ambitiousness. Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Bobcats are two fine examples of American teams that let animal mascots represent their players.

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How to choose the right colors?

A color scheme is no less important than an image. When it comes to the sports industry, you can’t go wrong with shades of black, blue, brown, red, yellow, and orange. Save green for companies that promote active lifestyle and healthy nutrition. Don’t get super excited about using multiple shades unless you want your target audience to lapse into a color-induced coma. (Colorful emblems only work for kids, so if you’re managing a junior football team, go for it!) When choosing typography for your design, confine to two options. It would be great if you craft a custom font for your design. The Internet offers an abundance of worthy ideas, a lot of them free. And finally, make sure all elements of your logo work well together for a brilliant result.

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How do I create a sport logo for my brand?

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